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Face it, you need help around the house and you don't have the tools and tricks to make it easy. 
Is there a way that with a little 'know how' you could magically have the clean house you want so life feels open and free? It has to come from you, you have to be the change, you are the one making the mess. I can help you.
Big jobs around the house can loom over your life like a rain cloud. It is time to tackle the house and get it the way you reallywant. No closet left untouched, no drawer left behind, ALL THINGS CLEAN! Whew, sounds exhausting. 
I often hear said:
-"When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is think about cleaning."
-"When the weekend comes I want to be able to live, play and experience instead of using a whole day to clean the house." 
-"Now that I have kids it is so much harder to keep up on things."
We can give ourselves pep-talks to force us into being more disciplined, but really... 
If we open our eyes and are thankful for what we have, we take better care of things. Keep life sacred, keep it clean. Take care of yourself and take care of others and THAT is what gets our lives in gear. Our perspective changes from "I have to clean the house" to "I want to clean the house." I know, you can't imagine yourself saying that...yet. When we open our eyes to see what we are thankful for we also open them to see the dirt, clutter and disarray that have been getting in the way of a healthy, holistic life.
Learn how to care for your home and practice the art of cleanliness, organization and sanity. 
Volta Naturals offers one on one training to get your home clean, streamlined and holistic. We give you the best tips of the trade, sprinkled with a good look on how things got the way they are and what prevents you from keeping up with things, with a hefty dollop of grace. The dishes don't always have to be done, the pillows don't always have to be fluffed but no one likes feeling like they have lost control. We got you. 
Each consultaion is focused on your individual needs. It's a home game changer for those willing to learn and who are ready to discover the art of being domestic. This crosses age, gender and any other stereotypes. Take care of yourself and see how much easier it is to be patient, loving, and open to others. Have a clean home and a clear mind ready for the day's adventure. 
Life is a gift, no matter how humble or great. Keep it sacred, keep it clean.
All consultations are with Lois Volta.
To schedule an appointment, email voltanaturals@gmail.com.

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