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2020 Workshops Coming Soon...

2019 Workshops

April 20: Engaging with Our Domestic Reality: a Mindful Approach at

                  Mamma's Wellness Joint

April 27: Weavers Way Holistic Home: SPRING CLEANING at Weavers Way Ambler

May 9: Clean As You Go - A Guide to Natural Cleaning at Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Interested in hosting a workshop with lois volta?

email: voltanaturals@ gmail.com

Engaging with Our Domestic Reality: a Mindful Approach: 

2 hour workshop

Lois Volta, owner of Volta Naturals, will teach you how to balance work, family and the home. Learn her tips of the trade and methods for a healthy household. Her holistic, egalitarian and environmentally conscious approach focuses on spiritual reflection, partnership, gender equality and co-operation within the home.


This workshop will also offer tips on how to maintain healthy alignment while using the body to clean. Awareness is the foundation for a sacred home. 2 hour workshop includes a copy of Lois' zine and a bottle of VOLTA all purpose spray.

Domestic Lessons for Young Adults
4 hour workshop

This workshop will facilitate self-reliance and focus on how to mindfully prepare oneself to leave the nest. 

The workshop will cover

-How we got here: A brief history of how domesticity has evolved over time, and how to navigate social conventions and expectations. Simplicity is key.

-Our earth is worth saving: Cleaning shortcuts using harmful chemicals have a negative impact on our planet. Learn to use simple ingredients and mindful practices.

-Laundry: Learn simple washing and folding techniques as well as organization and wardrobe editing. 

-Cooking: A healthy diet yields energy and a sharp mind. We will learn some simple recipes and tips to make eating-in an easy endeavor. Learn what to buy at the grocery store and what to avoid. 

-Things cost money: We live in a consumerist, materialistic society, and are constantly flooded by advertisements. We will discuss how to make thoughtful choices about what we bring into our homes.

-Where are we going as a society?: When we look at the future of our planet we must also look inward. Self-sufficiency and holistic living takes time, work and willpower. We will talk about how caring for ourselves and proximal environments is a political act. 

-Responsibilities in the home don't have to be a drag: Growing into adulthood with a mindful approach to domesticity brings a sense of pride. We don't have to dread 'chores', we can simply live a life where we don't despise the reality of responsibly in the home. 

-Discussion and Questions- a deeper and more thoughtful approach to self-care. When we care for our own needs we are better equipped to care for those around us. Discussions focus on long-term engagement with domesticity in hopes that the seeds planted in youth will grow into healthy, holistic lifelong habits.

Private lessons are available to students after completion of the workshop.

All of Volta Naturals' workshops are geared toward humanity, not male/female.


Clean As You Go - A Guide to Natural Cleaning

2 hour workshop


This workshop focuses on how to transition your home away from industrial cleaning products toward a chemical free home, and includes a tutorial on how to make your own products. You will receive a bottle of Volta Natural Cleaning's All-Purpose Cleaner and a cleaning zine.

Lois Volta, owner of Volta Naturals, will teach you how to get your home clean, streamlined and holistic. Workshop includes the best tips of the trade, a good discussion of how things got the way they are, and thoughts about what prevents us from keeping up- all with a hefty dollop of grace. 

Tighten Up Your Home for Couples

2 hour workshop

When it comes to housework, tension between couples can feel unavoidable. Within this, can we discover and embrace a middle way toward individualism and and our expression of partnership within the home? Too clean, too messy, too uptight, too lazy- let’s leave the bickering behind us and start with realistic and attainable goals. Join Volta Naturals in our Workshop for Couples for tips, techniques, practical strategies, and thoughtful discussion. Housework doesn’t have to be hard, especially when we work together.